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Google Play Music All Access crosses the border to Canada

Google’s Play Music All Access subscription service is now streaming in Canada! By signing up to All Access, you can get a healthy cloud library of tunes, as well as your own private collection. Us Canadians are used to these sorts of services taking awhile to get up here, but it sure is welcome. As an early bird promotion, Google is cutting the normal subscription rate from $9.99 to $7.99, and tossing in 30 days of service for free. You’ll also get Chromecast support as usual, plus, as of recently, you can stream out to Sonos.

Of course, Google Play isn’t the only music service available on Android — be sure to check out our comparison of DoubleTwist, Google Play Music, Poweramp, Shuttle Music Player, and Equalizer+, as well as iMore’s fantastic cloud music services show-down. Andrew also had some great stuff to say about All Access, if you’re looking for thoughts and impressions. Canadians, are you interested in signing up to Google Play All Access? Which services do you subscribe to now?

Head over to Google Play Music to sign up!

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The EFF wants your help testing a browser add-on that blocks spying ads

Like many privacy advocates, the Electronic Frontier Foundation isn’t a big fan of advertisers and sites following you around the web. So, it’s doing something about this nosy behavior — it’s launching a browser add-on, Privacy Badger, that lets…

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How to leave a comment on a specific cell in Numbers for iPhone and iPad

Numbers, the part of Apple’s iWork suite for iPhone and iPad that’s focused on spreadsheets, lets you do more than simply log values and run equations. Numbers lets you share and collaborate with others. But what if need to leave a comment on a Numbers cell for those you’re sharing and collaborating with? Luckily, Numbers lets you do just that!

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Chat with the Man Who Unleashed 1.5 Million Balloons On Cleveland

Chat with the Man Who Unleashed 1.5 Million Balloons On Cleveland

Way back on September 27th, 1986, the city of Cleveland was taken over by 1.5 million helium-filled balloons. The photos are amazing. The aftermath was not. Tom Holowach, the project manager of Balloonfest ’86, popped by Kinja to say hello, and has kindly offered to answer all your questions about the event. The sky’s the limit, people!

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When Having Each Other Isn’t Enough

How dysfunctional does your relationship have to be when getting carried off by a raptor—its talons cleaving into your skull—is such a decidedly better option than staying in for the night? You’ll find out in kokooma‘s beautifully abstract animation, Each Other.

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Skitch makes sharing annotated pics easier for iPhone and iPad

Skitch’s share screen for iOS just got a makeover, making it easier to send out and save your annotated, doodle-filled masterpieces. The latest iOS update now shows a preview of your image on the Share screen, where you can type in and attach a…

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MG’s Dynamo concept is its first fully electric car

MG is celebrating its 90th year in the car-making business, so to mark the occasion, it’s decided to take the wrappings off its first ever fully electric vehicle. Created at parent company SAIC’s European Design and Technical Centre (SMTC), the MG…

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