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October 10, 2013

I had a long bus journey yesterday and you know how the mind wanders when sitting for ages on a journey. Anyway, between watching the rain pouring down outside the thought occurred to me that there must be many different ways of using the Zane website.  I suspect that some people just dip in and out using it rather like a video reference book but is that the best way? Sure it answers an immediate question but i believe that it is possibly more sensible to work through the videos as if an online course.

Many of the videos lead onto the next one and build upon the information previously gathered so it would indeed by more logical to follow this method. I think that the student would gain much more from the experience and would retain more information overall. If you think about it, the Zane website is like a giant online automated tutor and by using the videos in a set sequence and completing the online quizzes, an improved learning experience must be enjoyed.

That word ‘enjoyed’ brings me onto another subject that i was thinking about on this dreary bus journey. Am I the only parent that actually enjoys watching the videos myself? I have to admit that I find some of them fascinating and I sometimes get really carried away and watch a multitude of videos when I am really supposed to be working at my computer.

So two questions for you, my reader, in this post. (1) How does your child use the videos, is he/she a dipper or do they follow a set viewing plan? (2) Do you, as an adult, watch the videos yourself?

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