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In-flight WiFi to be available across Europe by 2017

In-flight internet is readily available across the US, but that type of connectivity is almost unheard of in Europe. Regulators are coming ’round to the idea, and seeing an untapped opportunity, Inmarsat has announced its grand plan to create an…

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Sainsbury’s teams up with Google to stop you wasting food

It turns out that us Brits are a wasteful bunch. Studies suggest we’re throwing out as much as £60 worth of food and drink each month when we could be putting it to better use. Instead of trying to convince you to head over to one of its stores to…

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Argue about the offside rule in Portuguese with Rosetta Stone’s Futebol app

We’re big fans of Football English Soccerball, but even we aren’t hardcore enough to be able to discuss the technicalities of the game in Portuguese. Thankfully, and just in time for the World Cup, Rosetta Stone (amongst others) is unveiling a…

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These VR gloves will let you control Oculus and more for $350

With the sale of Oculus Rift to Facebook for $2 billion, virtual reality has officially become very interesting for developers. One of the companies trying to ride that wave is Control VR, which is ready to launch its gesture control gloves on…

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iOS 8 Finally Lets You Install Any Damn Keyboard You Want

iOS 8 Finally Lets You Install Any Damn Keyboard You Want

Many prayers were answered on Monday, when Apple announced that iOS 8 would support third party keyboards. That means you folks complaining that Swype doesn’t work on iPhone, don’t need to complain anymore. This, in addition to the new native keyboard functionality means that typing on iOS device just got a lot better.

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Japan’s Secret WWII Weapon: Exploding Balloons

Japan’s Secret WWII Weapon: Exploding Balloons

WWII saw the development of some zany designs for weapons, such as when the U.S. developed pigeon guided missiles and (literal) bat bombs (the latter of which were a little too effective, accidentally destroying the testing base when they escaped), or when the Soviets trained exploding anti-tank dogs. Not to be left out of the fun, the Japanese developed their own oddball weapon. Starting in November of 1944, Japan launched over 9,000 devices they called "Fu-Gos" aimed at the United States and Canada. Fu-Gos were hydrogen balloons equipped with incendiary devices that, in theory, would be transported over the Pacific Ocean via the jet stream to devastate the landscape, perhaps starting massive fires in farm fields and forests across North America.

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Adobe Voice: A Free iPad App For Pitching Brilliant Ideas to the World

Adobe Voice: A Free iPad App For Pitching Brilliant Ideas to the World

Everyone with a cool new idea or vision wants a concise and beautiful video to illustrate their story and broadcast it to the world. But oh, right—you suck at all things visual and just learned how to make something move in After Effects. Adobe’s new iPad app, Voice, is there to hold your hand in the making of presentation videos.

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